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Restore! Renew! Revitalize! is a dedicated and purposeful organization whose mission is to preserve and protect rivers and their tributaries by reducing pollution through river cleanups. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and programs that promote education and awareness, 4River is committed to protecting our waterways.  At 4River our team is as equally devoted to transforming and changing consumer behaviors as it is to aggressively reducing the impact that these actions have on one of our most precious resources.


Our initial efforts will begin in Philadelphia the birthplace of the United States. 4River recognizes this great heritage and is proud to launch its initiative in the distinguished City of Brotherly Love.  It is here that the Founding Fathers had a vision of freedom for the future in a world where the rivers ran clear and the wildlife was abundant.  The founders of 4River want to uphold these same principals and begin a whole new revolution to protect the future of the almighty river and, ultimately, the world in which we live!

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River Facts


Approximately 16 tons of Trash were Collected from the Delaware River in 2015.


The Delaware River Watershed is 13,539 Square Miles; from the Catskills to the Poconos to the Atlantic Ocean.


Approximately 15 Million People Rely on the Delaware River as Their Source of Drinking Water.